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Let us help your dog become a welcome member of the family.

Would you like to be able to communicate with your dog without the stress of yelling and jerking on a leash?

Do you want your dog to come when you call him regardless of what is distracting him?

Do you want to have your puppy properly trained before her bad habits become permanent problems?

Would you like for your dog to be a well-behaved family member instead of a family pest?


Our training is simple and easy for the dogs to understand and for you to continue. Our focus-based approach allows us to work around distractions from the very first day. We work around other dogs, cats, and kids - in and around our home.


*Consistency and PRACTICE - PRACTICE - PRACTICE is very important. We keep your dog with us so we can do all the foundation work for you. 


Your dog is a valued member of your family that you will enjoy for the next 10 - 15 years. We appreciate your consideration. Our goal is to help your dog become a welcome member of the family - not the family pest!


Making a decision to have your dog professionally trained is an important investment, and we don't take that lightly.  We try to be very upfront and honest about what we can do, and how we do it.

We are confident that our training works, so we gladly offer a lifetime of free refresher training.


We want to actually teach your dog how to respond - without harsh corrections - but we do want to correct negative behaviors. We do this is a way that is not only humane, but is also beneficial to you and your dog. Our goal is to have your dog respond regardless of how strong you are or how deep your voice is.  


We incorporate remote training collars which will enable you to communicate with your dog on and off-leash. This takes off-leash training to another level that isn't possible with other traditional methods. Our goal it to teach your dog to focus - not to be afraid or scared of training. It's easy for you and your dog!


Your dog will stay in our home with our family for about 30 days, but don't worry, he/she won't forget you! This training doesn't change your dog's personality, but it will help bring out the best in him/her - setting the foundation for a happy future!


Our 30-day focus-based dog training program includes advanced obedience - both on and off leash.  Your dog will learn commands such as sit, come, heel, stay and place.  We will work to socialize your dog around children, adults and other dogs and pets.  We will teach manners such as walking on a loose leash, sitting for petting, no nipping, pulling, jumping, or tugging etc.  


We have worked with numerous behavioral issues over the past 16 years of professional dog training.We are able to help with many behavioral issues.  We will gladly speak to you regarding your dog's problems to see if we can help. We will be completely up-front regarding what we can and can't do - especially concerning fearfulness and aggression.

Our goal is to help your dog become a welcomed member of the family—not the family pest.  Once training is complete, we will show you simple habits to develop to help maintain your dog's training.


If you are struggling with a difficult dog or you would like to have your puppy trained in advanced obedience, as early as 4 months, please call us today so we can discuss our dog training options with you.


The training that we do is simple and easy for the dogs to understand, but we teach them to focus their attention on us instead of whatever bothers them or distracts them.  Everything that we do adds to their ability to focus and pay attention. Our training system will teach your dog to focus because we believe that if you can maintain your dog’s focus you can communicate with him most effectively.   We also try to be proactive in helping to prevent the bad behaviors and we will teach you how to do the same thing once they are with you. 



IN-HOUSE training is basically "Boarding School" for dogs!

*By sending your dog to our doggy boarding school, you are enrolling him/her in a dog training system that allows us to work with your dog in daily, one-on-one sessions ensuring consistent, professional results. This means your dog stays with us – at our home. 

*Your dog will be professionally cared for and boarded at our home, with our family.  We only accept 4 to 8 dogs a month. 


*We are not a dog training mill - we do not try to train as many dogs as we can in a month just to make a lot of money.  We want to ensure your dog receives plenty of attention and training time so it will be trained to the best of our ability in 30 days.

*DISCOVER K9 will be 100% responsible for the training of your dog.  We are a small, independently owned family business.  We do not contract our training out to other dog trainers. 

*IN-HOUSE training allows us to focus on your dog and to be sensitive to his/her needs and personality. We can customize our methods depending on your dog's needs--some dogs learn faster than others; some dog are more sensitive than others......we are aware of those issues. 


Over the years, we have used all the traditional dog training methods (clicker/treats, treat/reward, choke chains, pinch collars, easy leaders, harnesses etc), but we just weren't satisfied with the outcomes. We were able to train each dog to a level of proficiency, but it was difficult for the owner to understand and maintain it because it was based on the skin of the handler. The honest truth about traditional dog training methods is that there in no guaranteed proficiency in off-leash obedience.

Happy Doodle Birthday!


We incorporate several things to help your dog learn and focus on training. We want to make training fun for your dog, so it's something he/she will enjoy which will make it easier to learn.We use positive reinforcement to help teach commands along with focus-based training to help them learn more quickly. The key behind this training is the use of remote training collars. There are misconceptions about remote collars, but the way we use them is the more humane and stress-free way of conditioning that we have ever seen.  Your dog will wear a collar that corresponds to a remote which we use to communicate with electrical pulses. The pulses are adjustable from 0-100 - we use it just high enough to get your dog's attention. This makes is completely customizable depending on how distracted your dog may be at the time.  These collars takes off-leash obedience to another level!

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