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Discover K9 is a family run, women-owned small business in Northern Mississippi.

We offer focus-based training around many various distractions. The dogs stay with our family - in our home from 3-6 weeks 

We have customers from many surrounding states. You only need to arrange to drop your dogs and pick them up.  We will do all the work for you!


We started training dogs for the public in 2004,

but we have been around dogs most of our lives. There's nat much we haven't seen.  We will be glad to discuss how our training might be able to help your dog. 

About Us


We are a family business dedicated to helping your dog become a welcome member of the family - not a family pest.

We will work with your dog's specific needs to develop a personal training program.


At Discover K9, we have produced years of results, and will gladly discuss your dog's needs & how we can help.  We try to be up front and honest about what we can accomplish.

Over the years, we have rarely raised our prices. We want to offer an reasonable rate for families. We realize that there are trainers who charge twice as much or more than we do, but we value your business and your money. We will continue to strive to provide the same reasonable rates. 

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