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Just wanted to let y'all know that I couldn't be more pleased with the new Ruby.  I am amazed at the transformation! She is even getting along better with my little dogs.  It has been a much calmer environment.  Thank you, thank you, thank you! Y'all do have a gift of training.  It truly has been a blessing for us.
Vicki - Columbus, MS


Kelly! I can't say thank you enough for all that you and Rickey taught Millie! She's home & doing so great. We'll come visit again soon! I know that she's going to miss all of her buddies in Mississippi!
Meredith and Millie
Jonesboro, Arkansas
Rickey & Kelly, I just wanted to give you an update…I can only say WOW, Watson is doing great…I just wish I would have come to you sooner.  I regret the enormous amount of money that I wasted with ____ _____ for 6 weeks of his training.  There is no comparison between your dog training and his.  Dale – Amory, MS
We have been so pleased with Remy's training! Best money we ever spent! Thanks again!
Ray, Walker and Remy



I Just wanted to give you guys an update on me and Toby. We've been working really hard lately and its paid off, I took him down to the fall festival at the community center park in pensacola and he did fabulous! 4 hours, hundreds of people, kids playing, lots of other dogs and I never once put his leash on. He heeled,sat and stayed the entire time no leash and very little button pushing ( i had it set on 3). I just wanted to thank you guys so much for giving toby such a great foundation that I could build upon, you guys really did great. Brittanee – Pensacola, Florida


Kelly I just wanted to say thank you. Simon had his first vet visit since coming home from y'all today and he did great. Our vet couldn't believe the change in him he is now a joy to have in the house and we are able to take him for walks and car rides. Our entire family has benefited from your training him. Thank you so much!
Simon and his brother Ziggy from Auburn, Alabama
Simon (formally known as "NO! NO! Bad Dog") had busted through a couple of French doors! Since completing the training, he has actually been welcomed into the home.


We had some family come into town these past few weekends since Zeeke has been home...they are AMAZED at the difference in Zeeke. Thanks so much!!!

Zeeke from Florida



Dear Kelly,

Just a quick not to let you know how Grace is doing. In a word… GREAT!!!

When she wants to be, and we want her to, she is a perfect 10monthold Black Lab.

She always seems to have a smile on her face and she is very proud of what she can

do. Of course, she would be even better if we worked with her more but that is not

her fault… it is ours.

The four weeks Grace spent with you and your family were well worth her time and

our money. Of course we missed her and were a little apprehensive about leaving

“our little girl” with you but she was very well taken care of and she was a good


I well remember Ricky telling her to hold out her chest and be proud and we still do

that today.

Thanks for all you have done for Grace. P.S. If any potential clients want a reference just has them give us a call. Van – Miramar Beach, Florida



Ricky - Rescue Puppy from Jackson, MS
According to Keri's dad - we taught Ricky to hang out with him and watch FOOTBALL!
He's doing great! Y'all did an awesome job, thank y'all so much!!He is definitely calmer and super sweet!



Buddy - Siberian Husky - Mississippi
He is doing great and we are doing great following up on all you have taught him!  We are so grateful and y'all are absolutely amazing! We are enjoying him so much more.
John takes him nearly everyday to a walking trail at our church and can actually let him off leash! He has a great time, and when John calls him, Buddy comes running back and sits at John's feet. We are so proud of him.  Thanks again!



Our German shepherd Brody is still doing wonderful after 3 or 4 years. Janie – Fort Walton Beach, Florida



Millie - Golden Doodle - Jonesboro, Arkansas

I can't tell you how pleased I have been with Millie's training. She continues to respond to all of her commands and do well both on and off leash.



Patches - Black Lab Puppy

It's amazing, she is awesome with the kids, and they love her so much.  They keep saying, "Patchy got so big!"

They were SO excited to see her again.  We couldn't be happier with all of her training.

She's great!! She has tested me more than anyone, but nothing bad.  I can tell that as soon as she thinks about jumping up - she forces herself to sit down.  We are SO happy with everything you guys did for her!! We can pet her, play with her...she's a member of our family instead of constantly being separated from the kids.



Just wanted to thank y’all again.  Bear is doing so well and it’s all because of you and your husband.  Thank you so much!  TaraFort Walton Beach, FL

"You literally saved Bear's life! We can't thank you enough." Dr. R. -- Jackson, MS

Denali is doing wonderful!  You trained him very well. H.P. – Panama City Beach, Florida/ South Africa

“Casey is doing great!  She is still behaving nicely. PH – San Destin, Florida 

Heidi used to be so afraid of cars when we would go for walks and now there is such improvement!  Pam – Freeport, Florida

“Tobey is doing great!  We’ve been working a lot at the dog beach and he’s been doing really well off leash!  BB – Pensacola, Florida

 Kelly & Rickey, Clifford is still doing great after a year – BEST MONEY I EVER SPENT ON HIM!  Elisa – Panama City Beach, Florida

“The boys are doing great!  They are minding very well.  Walking them has been a pure joy.  Nicole – Destin, Florida 


“There seems to be so much more I can do with Daisy now.  She is much calmer and easy-going.  There is no pulling whatsoever.  What a change!  Before she was quite skittish and was afraid for me to touch her, but now she is by my side often on her own.  We can easily pet her and she doesn’t run away.  It is such a nice change!

When I took her to the vet for the first time after she completed her training, I was a little nervous because it always used to be a chore.  This time it was a breeze!  They had to get her on the scale 3 times because it was messed up.  She just went up and sat down each time like it was no problem. 

Needless to say, they were impressed with her at the vet’s office – compliments to you!  Pam- Crestview, Florida'"




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